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Billing, Payments, & Customer Engagement Solutions
for Utilities

With KeepTRAC, you will benefit from our industry-leading customer engagement platform at half the cost and twice the speed as the competition. Our platform gives utilities more freedom and easy-to-use tools – putting you firmly in control of your customer relationships.

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EDMS is the industry-leading data management solution with comprehensive change control and software configuration management baked into its core. In addition, EDMS is the only enterprise data management tool designed for both technical and non-technical users alike. Training leads, testing coordinators, project managers, etc. – are now empowered to quickly bring testing, training and development environments online with little to no assistance from technical resources. EDMS allows organization to reduce their “Carbon-Data” footprint by up to 80% while offering full, end-to-end integration support across multiple products and streams.

Five Core Components of EDMS:

  1. Software Configuration Management & Automatic Workflow
  2. Environment Management & Initialization
  3. Test Data Automation for Industry Leading CRM & ERP Systems
  4. Conversion Tools — Convert Legacy Data into your CRM/ERP System Using a Graphical User Interface
  5. Data Retention & Purge & Archive for Aging/Retired Data

In greater detail, EDMS provides a number of enterprise data management functions. We have outlined the key advantage of our customers in the utilities industry.

Key Advantages:

  • Point-and-Click Environment “Build-Out” Using Data Subsets to Save Time and Space
  • Base-lining Configuration for Release Management and Change Control
  • Intelligent Data Sub-setting (Who, What, When, Where and How)
  • Data Conversion Sampling (Moving legacy accounts into newer CRM/ERP instances using a graphical interface)
  • Configuration Compare and Merge for Multi-Project Streams
  • Release Management Workflow and Approvals
  • Code Migration and Version Control Integration
  • Automation and EDMS Integration using the EDMS REST API (i.e., Batch Schedulers, SOA, etc.)
  • Data Correlation for Full Stack Support in Smaller Environments (Supports End-to-End Testing in Subset Environments)
  • Data Purge & Archive Using our Data Retention Manager for Aging/Retired Data (Pre & Post Conversion)
  • Reduce Size of Non-Production Data by up to 80%