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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is SCM?

The SCM (Software Configuration Management) function of EDMS provides a uniform method of tracking and controlling changes to your enterprise systems. EDMS provides full traceability in order to determine who did what and when. This is. done to enforce configuration auditing. In addition, EDMS provides a consistent method of deploying changes across your enterprise solution.

What Is Change Control?

The objective of change control management in EDMS is to ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to control your enterprise systems, in order to minimize the number and impact of any related incidents from a migration. Central to EDMS change control are the SCM and Workflow & Security processes, which are described in the previous section. EDMS utilizes Release Management to carry out the changes throughout the system. Successful releases can then be re-used and deployed to other targets upon acceptance.

How Does EDMS Use Automated Testing?

EDMS has automated test capabilities. Here, users define their test cases along with the required data input, and EDMS handles the rest. As described in the section on Process Automation, one of the most popular automation options within EDMS is our Meridian Enterprise Test Automation (META).

What Role Does Workflow Security Play In Change Control?

Flexible workflow and role-based security are critical components towards implementing an approval and rejection process as part of change control. Workflow steps and actions are fully configurable, with the ability to implement role-based security at any stage in the lifecycle of the workflow.

What Is Environment Compare & Merge?

Environment compare & merge is EDMS' ability to analyze any differences between two or more environments. The analysis of the comparison can then be used to merge changes between environments using our Environment Compare & Merge functionality. This feature is extremely powerful as it brings order to chaos when working on multiple data sets.

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