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Regardless of the industry, every organization needs high-quality data to drive day-to-day operations and maintain a healthy bottom line. Unfortunately, many business leaders are at risk of making bad decisions everyday due to having bad data without knowing it. Meridian Integration provides numerous implementation, consulting and advisory services to synchronize and protect valuable organizational data.

  • Utilities
  • Banking & Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Transportation

We help clients mitigate data risks by collaborating extensively and utilizing our established policies and procedures to apply industry best practices. Good data is arguably one of an organization's most valuable assets. Unfortunately, uncoordinated approaches by differing segments of an enterprise can result in data conflicts and quality inconsistencies that make the data useless or even dangerous for operations, forecasting and reporting.

Early customer adoption of this powerful customer engagement platform from Meridian Intergration has greatly exceeded our expectations

—  The City of Long Beach, California

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