Insurance Data Governance Solutions

The insurance industry collects vast amounts of data needed for day-to-day operations, reporting and forecasting. Unfortunately, the framework and methodologies needed to manage these valuable assets for the full data lifecycle are not always correctly implemented.

Meridian Integration provides consulting, advisory, implementation, management and training services to help carriers understand the value of insurance data governance beyond myriad regulatory compliance and reporting requirements. Our framework and methodologies provide the effective processes for data management and data governance from cradle to grave for analytics, forecasting and other business applications.




EDMS Data Governance Features:

  • Data Strategy, Management and Governance
  • Financial Crime Detection and Prevention
  • Operational Resilience
  • Conduct Risk
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Internal Audit Analytics
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Regulatory Data Management


EDMS Data Governance Benefits:

  • Repeatable & automated processes around data management
  • Improved data quality and usability
  • Improved data security and auditability
  • Increased visibility into costs associated with data
  • Increased accountability for use of data & appropriate use of data
  • Standardized lifecycle management for data use




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