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Transportation Data Governance Services

There is always a growing need for transportation data governance to improve the security, quality and management of data assets for programmatic and stakeholder needs. Few industries require such strict compliance and collaborative effort across numerous functional areas where data is collected, stored and analyzed.

Meridian Integration provides expertise in several areas, such as implementation services, advisory services, consulting services, training services and managed services to help transportation organizations benefit from improved data governance. We provide the framework and methodologies to help business managers, partners, and stakeholders better understand and apply each aspect of data management for the entire lifecycle of transportation-related data assets.


EDMS Data Governance Features:

  • Standardize process to address data needs
  • Integrate data across all functional areas
  • Access quality data needed to drive decision-making
  • Prevent redundant or corrupt data collection
  • Maintain specified data storage standards
  • Provide security and accessibility of data assets


EDMS Data Governance Benefits:

  • Repeatable & automated processes around data management
  • Improved data quality and usability
  • Improved data security and auditability
  • Increased visibility into costs associated with data
  • Increased accountability for use of data & appropriate use of data
  • Standardized lifecycle management for data use


EDMS Data Goverance Objectives: 

  • Clear set of definitions, policies, and procedures to streamline process for data management
  • Implement new policies and procedures for improvement in data consistency and quality.
  • Provide reliable 360-degree view of data for functional areas
  • Improved documentation to accurately capture the types of data collected
  • Protect against all types of unauthorized access to data assets
  • Streamline data management systems to address redundant and corrupt data.


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