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Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS)

What is EDMS?

EDMS is an end-to-end data management solution designed to simplify the complex challenges and operations associated with Big Data. In addition to non-production infrastructure size reduction, EDMS focuses on shielding the technicalities of “where” and “how” data from large systems is stored and extracted, thereby empowering non-technical users with the ability to drive key support processes without heavy reliance of the IT department.




Seven Core Components of EDMS:

  1. Copy Data Management (CDM)
  2. Data Retention Management (Purge & Archive)
  3. Software Configuration Management & Automatic Workflow
  4. Business Intelligence & Analytics
  5. Data Quality Management (DQM)
  6. Continuous Integration & Dev Ops
  7. Automated Test Data Management

In greater detail, EDMS provides a number of Enterprise Data Governance functions. 

Key Advantages:

  • Point-and-Click Environment “Build-Out” Using Data Subsets to Save Time and Space
  • Base-lining Configuration for Release Management and Change Control
  • Intelligent Data Sub-setting (Who, What, When, Where and How)
  • Data Conversion Sampling (Moving legacy accounts into newer CRM/ERP instances using a graphical interface)
  • Configuration Compare and Merge for Multi-Project Streams
  • Release Management Workflow and Approvals
  • Code Migration and Version Control Integration
  • Automation and EDMS Integration using the EDMS REST API (i.e., Batch Schedulers, SOA, etc.)
  • Data Correlation for Full Stack Support in Smaller Environments (Supports End-to-End Testing in Subset Environments)
  • Data Purge & Archive Using our Data Retention Manager for Aging/Retired Data (Pre & Post Conversion)
  • Reduce Size of Non-Production Data by up to 80%

Early customer adoption of this powerful customer engagement platform from Meridian Intergration has greatly exceeded our expectations

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