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KeepTRAC - Customer Engagement for Utilities

What is KeepTRAC?

KeepTRAC is a digital customer engagement platform for utility companies that includes Optimal integration of utility bill presentment, payment processing and customer engagement in one user-friendly web portal.




Utility Customer Engagement

KeepTRAC delivers an industry-leading digital customer engagement platform to your utility at a very competitive price. Our cost-effective platform provides easy-to-use tools to your customers, allowing them to control and manage their own positive experience with your utility. KeepTRAC allows you efficiently and effectively manage all of your customer touchpoints through one central platform.

  • Online customer self-service options reduces call center volume
  • Increase participation in Automatic Payments and Electronic Bill Delivery, saving you money
  • Provides new digital marketing mediums to enhance customer communications

KeepTRAC offers the following features:

  • Ability to pay by credit/debit card or bank account
  • Automatic, Scheduled or Real-time payments
  • Real-time integration with Oracle CC&B
  • Solutions hosted in the cloud or on-premise
  • White-labeled customer engagement platform branded to your utility
  • Ability to pay one or multiple accounts with a single transaction
  • Full suite of text/email notifications with preferences driven by the customer
  • Mobile responsive designs create optimal user experience on any device
  • Custom Start, Stop and Transfer Services online        

Utility Customers Expect the Best Experience

Utilities are more focused than ever on exceeding the expectations of their customers. Utility customers expect great service from their utility. Three critical customer touch points must be seamlessly integrated to maximize customer satisfaction for utility customers: Bill presentment, payment processing and customer communications/customer engagement. User-friendly, dynamically changeable statements (both print and electronic), e-bills with payments made from any device, payment notifications and payments made via text, real time usage information and customer self-service options have become necessities.

Communicating with your customers about consumption history, conservation tips, level payment plans, payment reminders, payment acknowledgements, self-service options and more must be effectively delivered by the utility to their customers in real time. Integration of best-in-class billing and payment processing with superior customer communication and customer engagement from one centralized web portal are required to yield the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

KeepTRAC Delivers the Best Experience

KeepTRAC allows your utility to customize and implement a unique customer engagement platform specific to the needs of your utility to maximize the satisfaction of your customers with their billing and payment experience and the ability to effectively manage their own account. The key to maximizing customer satisfaction is the integration of these three critical components along with flawless service delivery from your vendor. All three customer centric components must work in unison to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. KeepTRAC improves interactions between your utility and your customers to insure your utility attains top quartile JD Power Survey results each quarter. Contact Meridian Integration to learn more & set up a KeepTRAC demonstration.


Contact Meridian Integration to Learn More & Set Up a KeepTRAC Demonstration 

Meridian Integration has created a best in breed, affordable, reliable, billing, payment and customer communication/customer engagement portal for use by your customers. Please contact our team at 888-882-5424 for more information or to schedule a demonstration to see KeepTRAC in action. You can also complete the form below to schedule a consultation.

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Early customer adoption of this powerful customer engagement platform from Meridian Intergration has greatly exceeded our expectations

—  The City of Long Beach, California

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