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Management Services

Through an array of management services, our experienced teams help clients get the most from their big data by providing a pathway to achieve organizational goals. Through extensive collaboration with the client, we are able to make cost-effective, efficient, risk-averse recommendations.

Meridian Integration has the business and technical expertise, the knowledge of industry best practices, and the experience in proven methodologies to help clients quickly and efficiently implement, migrate, or upgrade their CIS, MDMS, or other enterprise applications.

  • Implementation Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Managed Services
  • Training Services

We provide trained, experienced, professional personnel to complement your existing IT resources. By collaborating extensively and utilizing our established policies and procedures, we help clients maintain service level agreements without diminishing customer experience.

Discover how our 24×7 application support for ensuring your key business systems are up to date, in compliance and available when you need them can save you time and money.

Our Storage footprint and cost was continually increasing, Quality of test data was insufficient in spite of higher volumes of accounts to provide more scenarios, refreshing test environments was time consuming due to higher account volumes, no method in place to provide purge functionality that would maintain data integrity. After implementing the Meridian EDMS platform the Immediate result was the elimination of 17TB of premium storage that supported test environments and one high end Unix server that hosted the databases, reductions in storage growth provided O&M savings of $2 M costs over 5 Years, avoided capital costs of $4.4 M from storage purchases no longer required, smaller test databases through EDMS functionality that provides representative samples of accounts specific to our installation, faster test database refreshes through EDMS representative samples and Improved test quality through an EDMS data extraction process which allows users to extract accounts that specifically address their test scenarios.

— (BGE) Baltimore Gas and Electric Company

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