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Data Management Training Services

Once the organization's decision is made to improve the data quality available for analytics and decision-making, the role of the data steward(s) is to apply the processes needed to correct discrepancies and prevent data integrity issues. Typically, teams of data stewards are selected from those who are familiar with specific areas of data, such as business analysts and database administrators as well key staff members.

These individuals will be responsible for implementing policies and ensuring ongoing compliance with government regulations and internal data policies. Unfortunately, as data breach reports often show, the human element is often the weakest link in the governance process. This is where Meridian Integration can provide a team of consultants and trainers to educate your team members to ensure they have the right skills. Our team can do as much or as little as needed, but will provide data management training services and guidance while focusing on the unique challenges of your vertical application.

With the appropriate training, guidance and role clarification, your data stewards and key personnel within the organization will develop a better understanding of the processes and gain a shared vision of the standards established for the use of structured and unstructured data assets. Investing in advisory, consulting and training services can provide a much greater return on investment than purchasing automated solutions. 

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