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Enterprise Data Solutions

Because businesses run on data, our enterprise data solutions provide an instrument to govern data assets and deliver reliable, accurate and timely data from complex business systems. By combining industry vertical experience with technology expertise in enterprise data management, our framework methodology ensures a high level of data quality and accessibility for business intelligence and big data analytics.


 Data Management

Data is the most critical asset of an enterprise, and only through reliable data management can you execute the architectures, policies and practices for the full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise organization. Information shared between systems, services and applications must be managed and secured, so the results can be trusted for making critical decisions.



 Data Governance

Ensuring high quality data exists throughout the full data lifecycle touches nearly every aspect of enterprise data management. Sound data governance ensures the integrity and security of data without restricting the availability and usability for specific organizational requirements. Our framework provides the right instruments to govern enterprise data assets.



 Data Integration

When organizations need to make critical business decisions, there can be an immediate need for a unified view of data residing in different sources. Our enterprise framework solutions ensure the proper integration and cleansing of large amounts of data to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date view of extracted data for analysis and data-driven business decisions.



 Data Quality

Since organizations run on data, the quality of business decisions rely heavily on how the company's most strategic assets are managed. Because data plays an integrate role across the organization and over the entire data lifecycle, it is critical to have a way to manage inconsistencies. Our framework ensures your data is accurate, complete, timely and consistent.



 Data Security

The threat of cyber assaults and hacks has never been greater than in today's business environment. It has become imperative for organizations to protect their data assets while maintaining a balance of confidentiality, integrity and availability. We create and implement data security best practices to ensure all regulatory, contractual and compliance requirements are met without limiting your needs.



Meridian Integration offers enterprise data solutions that deliver the strategies so you put the right people, policies, training and technologies in place to deliver secure data with the highest level of accuracy and quality. Call today to speak with a representative or use our convenient contact form to schedule a FREE consultation.

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